Italkero Milano  80-130

Milano 80/130
Μήκος: 1673/2206 mm
Ύψος: 1011 mm
Βάθος: 381 mm
Μήκος πόρτας: 788/1321 mm
Ύψος πόρτας: 289 mm
Ενεργειακή κλάση: 1 st
Ονομαστική ισχύς: 4,99/8,14 kW
Κυμαινόμενη ισχύς: 4,3-5,66/7-9 kW
Βάρος: 120/153 kg
Κατανάλωση G20: 0,454-0,592/0,739-0,952 m³/h
Κατανάλωση G31: 0,334-0,435/0,543-0,689 Kg/h
Ενεργειακή απόδοση: 89,2/90 %

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Milano is a powerflue gas fire insert with 2 different sizes: 80 cm and 130, available in furniture model as well.
It creates an atmosphere with a long flame view.
The discharge route fumes extraction can be up to 1576 inches/ 40 meters without an additional extractor…The cheapest flue line solution ever!
Visible flame surface fr mod. 80: L 836 mm X H320 mm.
Visible flame surface fr mod. 130: L 1369 mm X H320 mm.
Heating system with a wireless programmable thermostat with over 90% of performance.
Designed & assembled in Italy.
Quality, Comfort, and Efficiency. Italkero.

Επιπλέον πληροφορίες

Βάρος 120 kg
Διαστάσεις 167 × 381 × 1011 mm







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